Cookie Crooks is a family owned and oriented business. My name is Stephanie, I am head baker and Crook #1. I learned to bake being at the hip of my mother and my 2 daughters are learning their way around the kitchen just the same. Now we love to cook and eat but baking cookies is our absolute favorite and we want to share our flavor creations with you!

So here at Cookie Crooks, we turn some of your favorite desserts into exactly what we're all about...COOKIES!!! We have a variety of flavors ranging from the classics like Snickerdoodle and Oatmeal to our signature creations like Banana Pudding, Sweet Potato Pie, Strawberry Shortcake and many more! Our cookies are soft and moist making it the perfect snack or dessert for all ages. We use fresh ingredients and whip up batches daily that are filled with love right from the start! 

You know the motto, "We bake take em"